Aachan CVI3* in Germany

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This Weekend Members of British Equestrian Vaulting and Team GB will in competing .......... Aachan 2012


Aachen Germany CVIO3*

Joanne Eccles,Hannah Eccles,Lucy Phillips.George Cox Vaulting in the Individual Classes.

Joanne and Hannah Eccles in the Pairs.

The Teams are:

English Vaulting Squad:Stephanie Hunter,Lydia Barham,Sara Shortland,Paige Brown,

Jessica Haynes, William Jenkins.

South Scotland Select:Stacey Macpherson,Charlie Lochead,Shannon Purves,

Sophie Aitchison,Lucy Younger,Izzy Kyle.


List of all the competitors Programme of Events

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Information about the Classes

Individual Female Class Individual Male Class Pas-De-Deux Class All the Teams Nations Cup


Freestyle Class for All the Teams that did not go through to the Nations Cup Class



Information at  www.chioaachen.de


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