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Joanne Eccles Saumur 2014

Saumur CVI*** Female Individual

1st Joanne Eccles vaulting on WH Bentley, lunged by John Eccles.


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Saumur CVI



Saumur CVIJ** Team 1st Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Team vaulting on Tylers Kernal, lunged by John Eccles.






Saumur CVI

Saumur 2014
Saumur CVIJ Male Individual
1st Andrew Mclachlan vaulting on Tylers Kernal,lunged by John Eccles.







3 Wins for British Vaulters at Saumur

Fantastic results from the CVI Saumur International Equestrian Vaulting 2014 Competition.........

Research into lameness

Study in to see if the number of incidence of lameness differs between shod and unshod horses, take a moment to fill out research questionnaire.....

Results Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Competition

Full Resultes and Scores from The Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Competition 5th April 2014..

Competition 5th April News alert

The Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Competition and Selection Trial 5th April....

New Look BEF Website

British Equestrian Federation (BEF) launch new website, Friday 7 March 2014....