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Photos of the Eccles At FEI Paris Provided By Michel Chretinat

Photos of EVS At CVI Portogruaro Italy Provided By

IL Volteggio Equestre

Saumur 2015

Hannah Young and Lunger Joanne Eccles

Hannah Young First Place at CVI** Saumur Lunged By Joanne Eccles World Individual Female Champion Vaulting On W.H. Bentley

Saumur 2015

Atholl Pettinger

Atholl Pettinger First place At Samur CVI** Male Individual vaulting on ILPH Islay Lunged by Liz Mackay






ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2015 for British Equestrian Vaulting...

BEV Committee Members Needed

Applications from members to serve on the Management Committee of BEV Ltd and a Director of BEV Ltd.....Read On for more info...............

First Aid Regulations

First Aid At all British Equestrian Vaulting Competitions from April 2015 Must apply with the following statement...............

Full Results Italy

CVI Portogruaro 2015 Italy, Full results for Great Britain's English Vaulting Squad.....

Full Results Saumur

Saumur 2015 Had some excellent results for Great Britain.

With Hannah Young in the Senior Individual Female 2* Class taking First place with 7.113 lunged by Joanne Eccles and Vaulting on WH Bentley.......